Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer & Magnetic Planar Headphones

Produced by: Young Jeohn

Monoprice Select Mini is currently the world's best selling 3D Printer. Ease of use and affordable price (at $229) is paving the way for this unit's popularity. They also offer the Delta, a printer that costs under $200.

On the headphone front, Monoprice showed its planar magnetic Monolith M565's going for $199 and their M300 earbuds that are also planar magnetic for $149.

As Monoprice has always been known for their great cables, they of course had to show their new USB-C Thunderbolt cable that they're introducing for $19.99 (these types of cables normally go for nearly double that price.)

- Presented at Pepcom Technology Event 2017, New York City

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