Dragonball Super: Will Gohan Be Restored to His Former Glory?

When Dragonball Super was announced I jumped for joy. I immediately said yes now Gohan will finally fulfill his potential as the strongest Saiyan. To my disappointment the past 74 episodes of Dragonball Super hasn't shown Gohan how I hoped. Gohan has retired from fighting and is living his or Chi Chi's dream as a scientist. However there are times he has put on the cape of The Great Saiyan Man. Gohan in Dragonball Z was one of the most powerful fighters. He was stronger than Super Buu when he went Mystic Gohan. However somewhere along the way Gohan wanted other things.  

On the recent episode of Dragonball Super. Goku is completely bored and is looking for a sparring partner. Whiz and Lord Beerus are going to a God's convention or meeting. Vegeta just gave Goku his typical stare. It was alluded Vegeta may had a fight with Bulma. Piccolo is doing business with Dende. With nobody left to help Chi Chi ask Gohan for help. Gohan refuses and states he is no longer a martial artist but he knows someone. In comes The Great Saiyan Man to spar. The battle ensues and as I watching the fight a huge smile comes on my face. For once in a very long time I saw the old Gohan. The confident fighter that has been missed by many Gohan fans returned. One thing that stood out his that Gohan not only got a hit on Goku but if Chi Chi didn't stop the fight it would've been one hell of a match. Gohan and Goku realizing that they got carried away stop and Goku seeks training from his old teacher Master Roshi and best friend Krillin. 

I took a lot from the past three episodes of Dragonball Super. These few episodes have feature Gohan heavily and even show him getting back into form. If recent rumors are true about the next arc being centered around Hit targeting Saiyans and Gohan having the new transformation of Super Saiyan Gold. It would seem that Gohan will be restored back to his former glory. If Gohan new transformation is stronger than SSJB this would make a lot of Gohan fans happy. As much we love Gohan the family he is still one of the strongest fighters in Dragonball lore. The Dragonball Universe needs another hero to focus on. As much as I love Goku and Vegeta how more can they go as character development is concerned. We have seen them grow as characters and become two of the strongest fighters. It's time for Dragonball Super further characters like Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin. Let's see them on the center stage and see how the fans react. If the rumor of Super Saiyan Gold Gohan is true then Dragonball Super is heading in the right direction. Let's hope for the best.