Yoshiki Classical at Carnegie Hall (Review)

Written by Justin D Williams

There are certain experiences and performances that a simple article can't even describe. When I left Yoshiki Classical last week on Friday 13th 2017, I was filled with many emotions. I was filled with joy, awe and a little bit of sorrow. Yoshiki Classical is a joyful emotional ride. Through his music Yoshiki paints a picture of various emotions through his many themes he has composed over the years. 

The night started with a look into the career of Yoshiki with clips and voiceover of his musical origins and work. The clips were used from previous interviews, and the We Are X documentary from his rock band X-Japan. Yoshiki talks about his family, upbringing and how his father got him into classical music. From there he comes out and the concert begins.

The concert was beautiful. The atmosphere was just right and Yoshiki commanded the scene with his playing. Set after set the tone shift from happiness to sadness as we approach the theme of death. Yoshiki talks about his former bandmates and his father. Listening to his voice you can tell he still feels their passing till this day. He showed it in the compositions Kurenai, Without You and Transition. These three themes hit you in the emotions the most as the big screen showed clips of his fallen loved ones. Yoshiki Classical is not just another concert but a look into the emotions of Yoshiki through his compositions. It's an experience that makes you feel good yet have solace as well. I had a wonderful timr and if you ever get a chance to experience it you should. It is a great 3 hours well spent.

Yoshiki Classical Special at Carnegie Hall

January 12 & 13, 2017 Musical Selections

1st Set
1. I’ll Be Your Love (Theme for the World Expo Japan)
2. The Last Song
3. Forever Love (Theme for the animation film X)
4. Golden Globe Theme (Theme for the Golden Globes®)
5. Hero (Theme for the animation film Saint Seiya)
6. La Venus (Theme for the film We Are X)
7. Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
8. Anniversary (Theme for the Emperor of Japan 10 Year Anniversary)

2nd Set
9. Tears (Theme for the TV drama Nikushimi ni Hohoende)
10. Miracle
** extra song: Star-Spangled Banner – new arrangement by YOSHIKI
11. Bloom Like A Rose (Theme for the TV drama Seisei Suru Hodo Aishiteru)
12. Say Anything (Theme for the TV drama Lullaby Keiji)
13. River of the Light
14. Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)
15. Without You
16. Kurenai
17. Transition
18. Art of Life
19. Endless Rain (Theme for the film Zipang)

Final Grade 5 out of 5 Stars.