First Look: Plantronics RIG gaming and BackBeat headsets

Produced by: Young Jeohn
Event: Pepcom Media (09/16)

The RIG 4VR gaming headset for Playstation VR is an open ear/vented design with slimmer ear cups for less pressure and has a removable mic and extender cable. 
Retail: $69.99, Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart

The RIG 400HX for XBox One has a Playstation 4 equivalent called the RIG 400HS. Both are modular design (you can pull the mic off and on, as well as the ear cups for adjustment) with audio controls on the cord.
Retail: $49.99, Best Buy, Walmart, Target

The RIG 800HX is a wireless gaming headset that's light, but has a battery charge that lasts 24 hours! It's got audio controls and EQ settings on the ear cups and a mic that you can mute by pushing it upwards.
Retail: $149.99, Amazon

BackBeat FIT is an athlete's wireless headset - sweat/water proof with light reflective material around the band. It's extremely flexible and comes in 5 colors. The earplug has a button that allows you to power on/off and take a call, while the other side controls the music with play/pause/forward.
At: Best Buy,, T-Mobile, AT&T

BackBeat GO 3 is Wireless Bluetooth with a closed ear design for more serious listening while blocking out the world. It's got volume and music control on the band with an optional pouch that has a built-in charger to charge the earphones during transport.
Retail: $129.99 with case, $99.99 without.

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