Kamisama Kiss Season 2 Review

Synopsis: Its time for the continued adventures of the new land god Nanami and see how she deals with being a god and a regular school girl, while being in love with Tomoe. With that being in the forefront of her life, will she be able to handle troubles of other gods and yoki?

During this season, we find a lot more about Nanami and her family, as well as getting new companions along the way. Nanami is starting to accept her role as land god but still has some doubts which is normal. We also see some people tearing her down and trying to stop her from being a land god because she is human. I see her journey as an allegory for when we come to a point in life that there is a great responsibility has been handed to us. People from all sides try to dissuade you from succeeding and sometimes those words can get into our heads. But what I like about Nanami is that she is afraid to try yet we see her overcome that fear when her friends are in danger. Sometimes that fear creeps up and we see her getting venerable but she's human. We all have fears and insecurities. That's why I love how the story wraps more about Nanami and how she gotten the attitude that she has. 

We also see a side of Tomoe that has been growing since the start of the first season. We start to see him be more protective of Nanami and its not only because she is the land god. He's still at that grade school stage where teasing is the best way to show a girl that he cares or has feelings for her. This can cause Tomoe pain but at the same time, he is learning as well and it brings out his and Nanami's dynamic out a lot more. It brings so much more depth in characterization that I am excited to see if they are ever going to do a season three.

Speaking of which, season two was incredibly short and left some unanswered questions towards the end. Of course, the manga probably fleshes out more of the backstory and the romantic interest of Nanami and Tomoe but I hope that they make a season three in order to keep up with the manga and to get more characterization.

Voice Acting: Tia Ballard is amazing as Nanami especially ith the new character development we see with her and knowing more about who she is as a person. J Michael Tatum plays Tomoe and gives an amazing performance as well. Tomoe, through the course of this season, grows as a character as well J Michael Tatum's performance really gives full volume to what Tomoe is going through. The rest of the cast such as Micah Solusod, Luci Christian, Ian Sinclair, Monica Rial and everyone else, did a fantastic job with their characters.

Design/Music: I love the character design for the characters especially Tomoe (and I may be biased with Tomoe because he is one of my anime guy crushes). The color palette fits within the mood. One of my favorite background designs is in the last episode (no spoilers) but Tomoe explains what I love about the background scenery well so you will have to watch in order to get my reference. The music is nice and soft, especially the opening and closing songs. They are not on my list for top anime opening and closing songs, but they fit within the anime well.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars- I feel that the season was too short. The ending left more questions than answers and I felt that I missed on an opportunity to have season two go longer than 12 episodes. I haven't read the manga but after watching this last season, it makes me want to read ahead. I do not know if there will be a season three of Kamisama Kiss, but I hope there will be. The dub is amazing, the story is slice of life meets the supernatural which is great, and the music and scenery design is amazing as well. I hope that we get to see more. Until then, its time for me to go to Barnes and Nobles and get me some more Kamisama Kiss.

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