Brother's Conflict Review

The harem and the reverse herem genre have been a hit or miss lately for me. There are some stories out there that I have seen that have same premise and same stock characters. Girl or guy gets put into a situation where he or she gets fondled over and the competition for the affection of the main protagonist. Usually the ones that I have seen are in a school setting. However, with Brother's Conflict, the premise is different which I greatly appreciated.

Warning: May be some minor spoilers except for the ending.

Synopsis: A girl named Ema lives with her father and her father is getting remarried to another woman. Now Ema will have 13 step-brothers that she's moving in with which causes her new family a new outlook of their lives. Each of the 13 brothers are in love with Ema, some more than others. It doesn't help that three of the brothers are in school with her and already had a crush on her before being a part of the family.

Yes. This reverse harem has family members involved. I have to admit, after the first episode, I had to remember that Ema was being assimilated into the family when certain scenes went down (aka when Tsubaki is on the screen). The dynamics between the brothers are so good and for a 13 episode show, you can see each brothers' personalities without rushing. You can also tell when each brother fell in love with Ema and see their change of character in each episode. Ema helps with the brothers' character development and even though you can argue that Ema is a cliché character, there is a twist that makes her change within the last episodes. It made me emotional and I can understand the emotions Ema goes through which makes me more attached to her than other reverse harem protagonists.

The banter between Julie, a squirrel who is Ema's guardian, and all the other brothers and her are great. Julie does not like any of the brothers except for a couple and he is so protective of Ema that is funny and endearing at the same time. You'll learn earlier on why he is so protective which makes scenes with him and Ema too cute.

Music: The opening Beloved X Survival is one of my favorite anime openings. Its so catchy and the music in between scenes was great as well.

Animation: The animation was amazing and I love the bright colors and pastel pallet. It made me pay attention to everything and made me happy while I was walking.  

Voice Acting: The dub of the show is good. In some spots I was not expecting to use that type of voice and I couldn't figure out who was playing certain people until I looked at the credits. Collen Clinkenbeard was amazing as Ema and I did not know it was her. Bryce Papenbrooke and Matthew Mercer surprised me as well and Josh Grelle playing Azuza was great. Every voice actor in the show did a great job and really brought out each personality.

Overall Grade B+: I recommend this to anyone who loves the harem genre and likes certain twists. Its a good story and you'll be surprised that there are different definitions of love when watching this story.

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