Kashiwa Daisuke Featured in the TV/Youtube show "toco toco"

In this episode, of toco toco they spend the day with KASHIWA Daisuke, a musician and composer based near Tokyo. First, we will head to Hino, located in the Tokyo suburbs to the big temple complex Takahata Fudoson. KASHIWA, having lived just behind the complex for a few years, used to often come here to have a walk alone or with his kids, to pray or find inspiration for his music looking at the buildings and nature. A few minutes away from there, we will head to Fureai bridge, which also was a regular stroll for KASHIWA. While he was struggling with composition on his album « 88 », KASHIWA mentions he would also come to look at the river and think about his approach to music. A few years ago, the animation movie director Makoto Shinkai liked this same album and asked KASHIWA to rearrange it as the soundtrack of the movie « The Garden of Words ». In the second part of the episode, we will head to Yoshida Fish Farms, a shop specialized into Japanese goldfishes and koi carps, as well as tropical fishes and plants. Since he was little, KASHIWA loved to build aquariums, which he qualifies as “small universes”. He compares this to his way to make music by assembling various elements and to create such universes in his work.