Dragon Soul Available in Print!

Dragon Soul is now available. 


With a foreword from Dragon Ball voice actors Christopher Sabat and Sean Schemmel, Dragon Soul: 30 Years of Dragon Ball Fandom is an entertaining, inspirational, and enlightening celebration of the world’s greatest anime and manga’s 30th anniversary!  This book features 27 stories from professionals who created Dragon Ball, 81 stories from Dragon Ball fans in over 25 countries, 600 images of original artwork, collections, and cosplay, plus exclusive interviews, insights, and heartfelt tales about Dragon Ball's power to change lives.

Dragon Soul is the newest book by acclaimed Dragon Ball scholar Derek Padula, author of the #1 best-selling "It's Over 9,000!" book, the Dragon Ball Culture book series, webmaster of The Dao of Dragon Ball, and screenwriter of the live-action Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, forever changing how Dragon Ball fans view their favorite series.