No Man's Sky to Get New Upgrade!

So I'll be frank, No Man's Sky has been perhaps one of the biggest let downs this year in the gaming industry. While promising an infinite universe and providing creatures that spawn in different areas that are different from species to species, their generating system for the creatures seem to produce the same twenty different species of animals on each different planet. It all looks the same, and you're really just destroying the planet by blasting rocks to get the materials you need. Basically if you lived in the United States, you dropped $60 or more on a game where you sit and laser rocks away.

No Man's Sky promised its players a vastly infinitely generated universe, with approximately eighteen quintillion planets, which we had assumed were all going to be somewhat different. The universe was going to be shared and you could play with friends on the same planet. You could exchange data with other players as well, to get more of the planets and their flora and fauna charted out in the game. 

Indie Game studio Hello Games reported that after the first few months of the game being out, the amount drastically dropped to under 1,000 players. Along with this, the company received vast amounts of backlash from players, as the game seemed so monotonous after a while. Finally, when the United Kingdom found out about the complaints of the players, a full investigation was launched to see if the marketing that No Man's Sky received was breaking laws, as it seemed to promise one thing but offer something completely different.

Sean Murray, head of Hello Games in turn has recently issued out a new upgrade to No Man's Sky, offering new options for gameplay. This upgrade is called the "Foundation Update", and is version 1.1 of the game. Players can now access two new paths for gameplay called the "Survival" path, and the "Creative" path. Survival is meant to test the limits of players, which seems to be a much harder version of the Normal mode that was originally offered for the game. Creative, however, allows you to build things, such as your base, to be however you like. While you cannot create a planet of your dreams, this seems quite interesting!

Players can also now do other tasks as well; for instance, you can deploy equipment out into the field to harvest materials for you. Another new feature that is super great is that you can now build save points as well, with a variety of materials that you can gather from different planets. Supposedly building your save points is a very important feature that a player can use if they are going on the survival mode route. Finally, they developed a great quick access to tools feature into the game, instead of constantly having to go into the menu to change.

If you're interested in knowing more, Hello Games created a video explaining all the new items and experiences you can have in the No Man's Sky world.

Let us know below in the comments if you're going to try playing No Man's Sky again, or not, and why!