Critical Role Fanfiction: "Dreamscape" Chapter 3:

Hello everyone. It has been a while since I have written Critical Role fanfiction. It has actually been a year which is crazy. Life is moving on fast. To tell the truth, my heart and mind had lost inspiration as of late. It happens. Everyone can get writers block from time to time. I recently got a surge of inspiration and I want to continue this story for as long as I can. Thank you all who have read the prologue to Chapter 2. I greatly appreciate the support. For those who are new and have no idea what story I am talking about and want to catch up, click here,


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The dented armored man sits next to Vex and addresses the group with a low gravely voice. "Excuse me for staring. It's been a rough couple of weeks and as you all can gleen from my appearance, I barely made it out of there alive. My name is Andreus Fallform. I'm a guard in my sovereign's  army which has been torn asunder by the evil that has started to gather there. Unfortunately, this armor is the only article of clothing that I have on me for the time being, so pardon for my appearance. The reason for the sudden stares from across the room, you holy gnome, was in my vision." Pike looks at him with a confused look on her face.  "You had a vision too? I mean I had one and it seems that we've gotten different beginnings but the same ending: a feeling that something is wrong."

Andreus nodded his head. "I was told by the denizens of Imon that a person with your description was the one that I had to set out for. My lady who gave me the vision in the first place, said that I would find you here and also find the group Vox Machina. I assume these are they." He gestures to his eyes each and every member, including Grog who is over at the bar still drinking away. "I've heard some tales about this group of strange of heroes that have fought a dragon and lived to tell the tale as well as other hell spawn of the world. I need your help Vox Machina, and I would like to have your cleric come with me to help my soverign and people."

As Andrus was speaking, Vax was looking very closely at Andrus and was also taking in every word he said, including the inflections that he has made.  Vax notices something else on Andrus. On his face, he has a fresh burn mark. Vax speaks to Andrus. "Before we rush in the situation, as we usually do, what ails the land and your ruler? Also why in the hell haven't you went into detail about the fight that happened on the way to the forum. especially with the burn mark on your face?" Andrus looks at Vax with a stern glance yet the corners of his mouth move upwards into a mischievous grin. "Is there somewhere else where we can have this conversation?"

Back at the keep, Tiberius joins the group around the table and Pike fills him in on what happened. Tiberius snorts and says "Sounds to me that we are going to be dealing with some buttholes again, aren't we?" As everyone settled down at the table, Andrus looks at the group and at the latest guest. Andrus raises an eyebrow curiously at Tiberius. He still has that mischievous grin on his face. "A Dragonborn. Not everyday that I see one around these parts." Tiberius looks at Andrus and says in his own special greeting "Hello. I am Tiberius Stormwind of Draconia." Andrus grin turns into a smile that gives Keyleth shivers down her spine. She is sitting next to Percy and leans over to whisper in his ear, "Percy that smile. I got a bad feeling about this." 

"I am with you on this feeling, however if we don't show that we trust him up until this point, he will shut us out. That means no more information about a cause that we may not want to involve ourselves in." 

Keyleth gives him a resigned look. "Fine but after the whole Clarota fiasco and Lady Kima, I'm starting to get worried by the company we keep or attract. My instincts are out of it, I guess." 

Percy says, "You have every right to be nervous. Don't lose that sense. That just means your on to something."  

Andrus looks at everyone one more time and begins to tell the story.  

 "The kingdom that I grew up at is at the cusp of a forest called Lunaity. The kingdom has no name except for what outsidera call the Emerald City. We established the city about 4 years ago after moving from a desert near a city called Marcett.