Season 2 Premiere of Myx TV's "The Doll Life" On November 15th 2016

Season 2 of Myx TV "The Doll Life" begins on November 15th. Check out the details and the sneak peek of the new season below.

Season 1 of “The Doll Life” introduced viewers to dolly style fashion designer Cyril Lumboy and the quirky team at her fashion line Dolldelight. The season followed Cyril, her models and her manager as they put on fashion shows at festivals and pop culture conventions, all the while confronting stereotypes, personal family issues, sexuality and acceptance.

Season 2 opens with a clash of egos when the team reflects on the tumultuous past year. Stephanie and Stevie criticize Paula’s lateness and lack of organization, Stephanie tries to take Paula’s job as Dolldelight manager, Ashphord and Audra feel left out and team up against Stephanie and Stevie; The drama flies left, right and all over! On top of this, the dolls must face the cyberbullying they’ve received online from Dolldelight haters and critics. To the surprise of everyone, a Dolldelight volunteer model then drops a major bombshell about Audra. Friendships will be shattered, tears will be shed, and models and managers may be cut as Cyril attempts to move her fashion house forward.