Sword Art Online the Movie - Ordinal Scale Announced

The animated TV series “Sword Art Online” is based on author Reki Kawahara’s light novel (winner of the 15th Dengeki Novel Award Grand Prize) in which the protagonist Kirito fights to survive in the mysterious next-gen VRMMORPG called “Sword Art Online.” Since the first volume of the novel was published in April 2009, the series has proved extremely popular, with cumulative sales exceeding 12.5 million units in Japan and 19 million worldwide, spawning two TV anime adaptations, video games, comic books, and merchandise. In spring 2017, “Sword Art Online The Movie – Ordinal Scale –“, a brand-new, original story written by Reki Kawahara, is set for theatrical release, much to the anticipation of SAO fans around the world. Recently, at the "Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2016,” an event presented by KADOKAWA Co.Ltd. and ASCII-MediaWorks at Akihabara UDX, an exclusive talk event featuring special guests was held on the main stage. This talk event featured Haruka Tomatsu, who plays the heroine of the series Asuna, as well as Ayana Taketatsu who plays the role of Leafa, Kanae Ito who plays the role of Yui, Rina Hidaka who plays the role of Silica, and Ayahi Takagaki who plays the role of Lisbeth. The star-studded cast lit up the stage, as the venue was brimming with passionate fans, greeting the guests with a very loud cheer. At the event, announcements were made about “Sword Art Online” and the upcoming movie which were all well received by the fans. Furthermore, during the quiz segment where guests were tested on their love for Sword Art Online, they gave quite a few strange answers. Haruka Tomatsu, in her efforts to entertain the audience, purposely answered all of her questions incorrectly resulting in the crowd erupting with laughter to the very end.