Savaging The Dark by Christopher Conlon (Book Review)

Mona Straw has it all—beautiful daughter, caring husband, lovely home, fulfilling job as a middle-school teacher. But one day a new man enters Mona’s life and turns it upside down, their passionate affair tilting her mind to the edge of madness—and murder. Her lover’s name is Connor. He’s got blonde hair, green eyes…and he’s eleven years old.

I've read a lot of books, seen a lot of movies that pushes the envelope. I have never read a book that made me feel uncomfortable as I did Savaging The Dark. I think what made me most uncomfortable reading this is the subject matter and character.  Mona Straw is a deranged, troubled woman who is a middle school teacher. She has a sick attraction to Connor who is an innocent eleven year old boy. I won't get into plot details because it will ruin the reading experience. I will say that Christopher Conlon did a great job of painting a picture of the mind of psychopath. That is one of the best way I can describe Mona Straw is psycho. She is depicted as this mild-manner woman, but as the chapters dwell deeper you learn her backstory and realize she's not a good person. The focus and exploration of the mind of Mona is what keeps you going. The fact that her mind deteriorates throughout leading to the final act is a joy to read. The book is a great twisted character study on a deranged woman journey to madness. It's a fun, nerve racking read, if you something that pushes the envelope and graphic join the madness of Mona Straw.

Final Grade 8.5/10