Prototypes and new tech at Canon Expo 2015

Created by Young Jeohn

Every five years, Canon holds an expo to show their latest prototypes, ideas and vision for the future. I figured they'd have some crazy and interesting products on show - I mean, why would any company pay through the nose to rent a huge expo center like Javits?

In addition to consumer goodies that we've come to expect like dSLR's, printers and copiers, they presented their interests in areas of biomedical, enterprise, security and advanced industrial fields (minus some others that I'm guessing we're not privy to.)

Interesting highlights include:

* ME20 camera prototype with 4 million ISO (sees in the dark!)
* 8K camera prototype (At 60FPS, writes 1TB/4 minutes, or 2.5GB/sec)
* MREAL (Mixed Reality) virtual environment
* Telescope optics, can see a penny from 300 miles away
* 250 megapixel sensor (see a person wave from Eiffel tower)
* NanoImprint Lithography (printing chips at smaller nanoscale)
* Projectors using EOS glass tech and 4K image processors
* Virtual reality living room of the future
* Cool t-shirt business idea using scanners/projectors
* A look inside their service and repair center

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