CE Week: NeoLab's Neo Smart Pen

At CE Week we stop by the NeoLab booth to check out the NeoLab's smart pen and pad. This Smart Pen was design to put handwritten notes or documents, that you write into a digital app using NeoLab's N-Notebook. The smart pen uses an image sensor that captures everything you book on paper onto the app. Typing isn't your thing, want your writing to come easier to you digitally this is something you might want to check out. The Neo Smart Pen and Notebook uses a specially design paper, it is designed with small patterns called Ncode™, which is a technology provided by NeoLAB Convergence. N notebook will accurately record your writing and remember every note you’ve written. I was truly blown away by this product and will certainly make sure I have one in my apartment. Check out my quick video below of me using the NeoLab's Smart Pen and Notebook. For more information visit http://www.neolab.net/