Critical Role Fanfiction: "Dreamscape" Prologue and Chapter 1


I love Critical Role, a show on Geek and Sundry that includes voice actors playing D&D. Its such a great show and has a really great storyline. Mathew Mercer is the Dungeon Master of this game and I am inspired by his amazing storytelling and all of the players' characters. As a gift to Critical Role, I wrote this fanfic and it will be in chapters. I wanted to write this as a OVA type of story that can be inserted after a campaign or story. I hope you all enjoy the prologue and Chapter 1 of "Dreamscape" and to the cast and crew of Critical Role, thank you. Xoxo 



Calming energy surrounds the dreamer as he or she steps towards a castle in the distance. The castle gives off of a regal yet unsettling appearance, even though it is made up of emeralds that shines in the sunlight. The dreamer is walking on a lake which is full of dancing lilies and is approaching the castle in the distance. Unbeknownst to the dreamer, the sky starts to darken and a dark entity glides on the opposite side of the lake. The dreamer is being drawn forward and does not take notice of the entity that has stopped in front of his or her path. The entity, standing straight as an arrow, with a regal stance, slowly moves his or head. The dreamer is still entranced even as the cold eyes of the creature looks directly at him or her. All of a sudden, the sky is completely black and the lake makes a huge wave that drags the dreamer down below the surface. The dreamer snaps out of her hyponic state but it is too late. She is almost swallowed up by the water. She reaches out her hand towards the entity to see if it can help her. The entity just stands over the dreamer and looks at her with light gray eyes, and smirks.


“Welcome to my world.”


Pike wakes up with a start, stifling her scream with one of her hands. She looks around and slowly relaxes. She's in her room at Greystone Keep and decides that this dream may be more than a dream. She takes out a book with a pen in hand from her bedside table drawer and writes down her dream. She has to figure out a way to tell the party in the morning that a new adventure may be brewing.


Chapter 1: The Dream 

Pike wakes up in the morning and hears the pitter-patter of feet, making its way to the mess hall. She reaches for her bedside and takes out her book. She looks at it as if it may disappear if she looked away. The smell of food wavers through the keep as Pike opens her door. She too makes her way to the mess hall, being very slow in her steps. She reaches the hall and sees the members of Vox Machina who are all gathered at a table eating and conversing. Scalan waves at Pike eagerly to sit next to him and Pike gives him a weary half smile. She meanders over and gives a hefty sigh as she sits down.


Scalan notices that Pike is not her bubbly, cute, self, and decided to just keep an eye on her for the time being. Grog is on the other end of the table and his eating habits echo throughout the hall. Vex and Vax are talking to one another while Tiberius, Keyleth, and Percy are talking to each other about random things such as nature and arcana. Scalan decides to try to talk to Pike again but she seems distracted. She has barely touched her food and is looking quite tired. Before Scalan could say anything Pike calls the group and says she has something important to say. Everyone at this point has finished eating and looks over at Pike, who looks more stressed by every second. She starts telling the group about her dream and was reluctant to talk about being consumed by the waves and the cold eyes that fell upon her demise. However, she managed to get that part out of the way, even if it was in haste.

When she ended her story, Vox Machina was silent. You could hear a mouse scurry for how quiet it was. Pike was shaking and casted her eyes to the table, away from everyone's gaze. Scalan rubs Pike's back to help soothe her while everyone else has a thoughtful look (except for Grog who wants bloodshed or ale).  

Tiberius may know of the emerald castle as he spoke up after a minute, however, he must do some proper research on it. Vex suggests that maybe Lady Kima may know of the mysterious landscape and suggests that her, Vax, Scalan, and, Pike should go and ask. Keyleth agrees and also suggests that Percy, Grog, and herself should go around town to gather information. Although, Keyleth wants Vax to come along if they are going to visit Gilmore again (to also fill her own personal satisfaction of watching the men interact).

 The group adjourned and set off their separate ways to get ready for the journey ahead.