Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Part 2 Review

Attack on Titan Part 2 is an improvement on the first feature film. The film offers more story, more characterization on the leads and establishes the meaning of the Titans. Part 2 picks up where the first one left off with Eren discovering a revelation. The remaining survivors try to find out whether he's friend or foe. This is an interesting premise on the story because it offers different character perspectives on the situation. Armir, Misaka, the Captain and other characters all have their views on what to do with Eren. This discovery leads to the certain answers raised in part 1 regarding Eren, his family and the titans. I liked this part of the film better because we get more character driven plot oppose to the first film. 

Part 2 is more of the character driven, emotional weight out of the two films. If you watch the films back to back it all makes sense. While there isn't much action as the first film this one makes up for it with explanation and more development. In the first film I didn't really connect with Eren. However after a few flashback scenes and more of a reveal of the titans I felt a connection to Eren's plight. Fans of the series will enjoy the part 2 as much as they did part 1. However for non anime fans it's best to really watch both movies back to back to fully get the story. If the film would have cut some unnecessary scenes from  1 and 2 and combine it. This would have been much more better film. However all together the action steal the show, the titans are bone chilling and the highlight of both films. The acting is still a little bit over the top. Overall if your a fan of the series give a look and people curious about the film check it out. But watch it in one sitting to really feel the story and characters.

Attack on Titan movie Part 2 begins tomorrow. Check the website for listing for theaters