TMNT #42 (Comic Review)

An unusual alliance makes its first moves as Fugitoid, Baxter, and Krang aim to outwit each other. The twists and turns are just beginning as the Technodrome is mere moments away from activation!

Chess is the best way to describe this issue of TMNT #42. The pieces are all in line and now it's time for the fun to begin. After the all out brawl with Bebop and Rocksteady, the turtles decide to leave Master Splinter handle other matters. While the initial plan was to attack Shredder we find out the turtles have had something up their sleeve all along. For the sake of spoilers I won't go into details of the plan. I will say that don't ever doubt Donny and Leo. In the previous issues I was convinced that Donny had went rouge. I was convinced that Donny was so desperate of his goals he was willing to do anything. I'm happy to say this issues shows Donny's true intentions and what a plan it is. This issue doesn't have action as the focal point as it's main focus is moving the plot. Splinter is off to prepare for his battle with Shredder. Krang, Baxter and Fugitoid are having a tough time working together. Baxter manages to break a deal with Krang for vital information on Shredder. The conflict between Krang and Baxter was refreshing as we see Baxter starting to be more bold. Baxter is really starting to develop and makes you wonder when will we see The Fly. In addition to great focus on the Turtles and Krang the story does drop the ball with April's plot. April has yet to really connect with me. I feel like she is just there her plot of trying to get Professor Miller to help wasn't working for me. Overall this is another solid entry to TMNT comic lore. The pieces are place and it's time for the Turtles to hit checkmate.