Lenni Reviews: Kamen volume 1 by Gunya Mihara


Set in ancient Japan, this intriguing fantasy by Gunya Mihara starts off with a lone warrior in a mask; who does not know how he came to wear it and cannot speak. The mask itself tells him if he were to remove it, they both would die. Thrown into a war between different kingdoms, the mysterious man and the sentient mask are trapped in the mix and try to save the innocent people around them.

This graphic novel surprised me. I was expecting a by the numbers battle manga but as more characters appeared and the world was revealed, I was treated to an engrossing world where the protagonist does more to keep me interested than some characters do with entire pages of words and facial expressions. Like him, the art is also simple yet powerful. It stinks that it ends on such a cliffhanger but that's what has me searching for volume 2!