May 21, 2013

A Few reasons Why The Walking Dead Comic Should Revisit the Prison.

Hey Otakus and Geeks Fans, Sean (The True Comic Fan). I have a question that has been on my mind since the prison arch ended in the Walking Dead (Issue # 13-48). What happened to the Woodbury survivors who were left in the prison after the attack?

Creator Robert Kirkman wrote:

"I'm not going to say the Woodbury survivors were all killed (when their bullets ran out), but it's very unlikely that we'll ever see them again. The prison is dead to me. I've moved on and so have the characters.”

Why Mr. Kirkman? Why not tell us a story about what happened to the survivors? Yes the series is in the middle of another story arch that is months if not a year after the prison, but that doesn’t mean a back-story about the prison can’t be in the works for future issues or a side story. Now Mr. Kirkman you said  “I’m not going to say the Woodbury survivors were all killed, but it’s very unlikely that we’ll ever see them again.” Well I take that as a slim chance he might revisit the story if there was a good reason. Here are some of the reasons I think Robert Kirkman should revisit the Prison and close the story of the Woodbury survivors.

      1. LILY It seems we never get closure with this character. The Comic Book, The Book (Road to Woodbury), and the Video game so far. We never know her fate good or bad. In the Comic she runs in the prison with the other survivors. In the Video Game (Depending on your choices) you either leave her behind and she runs from an approaching walker or She Steals the RV and leaves. (Any decision you make should lead up to the road to Woodbury story) I think if anything, Lily is worth writing about.

 2. A Break before the next story arch How about a break from Rick and the other current survivors. I’m not saying that I’m bored with them, but a side story would be a nice break. Depending on how the current story ends (Tragic or Happy) giving the reader’s a change is not a bad thing. I mean how many nemesis is Rick going to have to take down to make his group safe and how many times is there going to be a story about it.


        3.You have gone back for other people Ok during the prison story arch when Rick discovered that you don’t have to be bitten to turn. He jumps on a motorcycle and rides all the way back to where Shane was buried to dig him up and see if he had turned. Granted this was only few panels and not a big deal, but for some people who may have had a question about Shane being turned got an answer. Another example we can look at is Rick going back for Morgan and his Son. Finding out what happened to them was a great story. It was Just one issue, but still good.

 4. Did the baby die when Lori fell on top of her?  I have always wondered if the baby really did die when Lori fell. I mean what if the the baby was still alive? Can you image the twist in the story. For example, what if Lily closes the door, the survivors are safe for now and she suddenly hears the baby crying. Can you image the different stories that would come from that scenario. Can you image how it would effect the current story in the future?


These are just a few reason why I think the prison should be revisited. Knowing if the Woodbury survivors lived or died would make a great story and give readers closure. So Walking Dead Fans if you agree, comment, pass this article along and Maybe someone in the Kirkman camp will see this and consider giving us what we all want to read.



  1. Judith is dead, plain and simple. Look very closely at the picture where lori gets shot. At least half that baby is blown away.


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