Cosplayer Spotlight: 7thlotus

Otakus and Geeks is pleased to present to you our very first Cosplayer Spotlight. A new feature dedicated to showcase talented individuals from the cosplay community. Catch some new talent or get a look at some well-established members from the world of cosplay.

Videogame Review: Elegy for a Dead World

In Elegy, you'll travel to three worlds and write stories about their long-dead societies. You’ll lose yourself in settings inspired by the works of poets Keats, Byron, and Shelley, and use the game's system of writing prompts to help create your own masterpieces.

The Cosplayers of WinterCon Part 1

This past Saturday December 6th 2014 we went to Winter Con at Aqueduct Casino. The con was packed with some great cosplay here from DC, Marvel, Lord of The Rings and more. Here is part one of our photos and a major thanks to all the great cosplayers.

New Look at Marvel's Star Wars Issue 1

Taking place immediately after the destruction of the first Death Star, join Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2-D2 and C-3PO as the Rebel Alliance attempts to liberate the galaxy from Darth Vader and the tyranny of the Empire!

Manga Review: LBX (Little Battlers Experience) Vol 1

In the year 2050, LBX robots have taken over the title of the most popular and hottest toy around. This is the story of Van Yamano, the son of an LBX designer who suddenly finds himself in possession of an un-identified LBX with the key to saving the world. Can he and his friends stop the forces of evil from stealing this secret for their own sinister uses?

Feature Figure: Ruby Rose

From the American animated web series by Rooster Teeth Productions, 'RWBY' comes a 1/6th scale action figure of the main character, Ruby Rose! The show is set in the fictional world of Remnant, which is filled with supernatural forces.

eigoMANGA Renews and Expands TV Deal with ShortsHD

eigoMANGA announces that ShortsHD, the world's first high definition channel devoted to short films, has renewed licensing rights to broadcast eigoMANGA's library of original animation films and shorts.

o Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 41

Attack on Technodrome” begins! Time is short as Krang accelerates his plan to terraform the Earth… which will kill all who live on it! A surprise alliance results in a daring plan—and the stakes have never been higher!

Mar 31, 2012

Fate/Zero Opening Singer LiSA is Coming to America Official CD Import and Guest Appearance On The Horizon

Fans of the hit anime series Fate/Zero can really look forward to this summer.  At her recent concert at the Anime Contents Expo in Japan, Recording Artist and Fate/Zero opening singer LiSA has announced her US debut appearance at Anime Expo 2012 in Los Angeles. In celebration of this occasion, just in time for her appearance at Anime Expo, Aniplex of America is bringing LiSA’s music to North America. From her full-length album to her chart toping single release, North American fans will have the opportunity to own their very own copy of LiSA.  Pre-orders for all the SKUs starts Monday, April 2nd.

Four of LiSA’s releases will be imported to North America. Two of the releases will be Limited Edition combos which includes a Blu-Ray or DVD depending on the release. The imported releases will be all available on May 1st.  In addition, the official digital downloads of LiSA’s music is coming soon. Release dates and titles are listed below.

For detailed information, please visit:

Product number and UPC bar code
Street Date
Store price
Letters to U
May 1, 2012
Limited Edition
CD & BD Combo
May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012
Oath sign
Limted Edition
CD & DVD Combo
May 1, 2012

All of LiSA’s Releases can be pre-ordered and purchased at:
Right Stuf:

About LiSA
LiSA is the first music artist to sign under the Aniplex Label.  Immediately making an impact in her career, LiSA grabbed a role on the hit anime Angel Beats! as the singing voice for Yui, one of the vocalists in the in-show band Girls Dead Monster. LiSA’s earnest personality and emotional live performances caught the public’s attention, and it was clear that her star would only continue to rise. In 2011, LiSA’s first single oath sign was chosen as the theme song to the wildly popular anime Fate/Zero. The single entered the Oricon weekly charts at #5, and went on to capture the #2 spot on the daily charts.

Mar 30, 2012

Wrath Of The Titans Review

Perseus braves the treacherous underworld to rescue his father, Zeus, captured by his son, Ares, and brother Hades who unleash the ancient Titans upon the world. Does the Titans bring the wrath? Or will you be feeling the wrath?

Mar 29, 2012

Bestseller Review

Hee-soo has been a bestselling author for the past 20 years. But her reputation and fame are all butchered overnight when she is accused of plagiarizing a competition entry that she juried. She falls into despair for 2 years, but with the help of her long-time friend publisher, she dreams of a spectacular comeback. She drives to a remote pension deep in a small town with her daughter Yun-hee. At this quiet and uncanny pension, Yun-hee begins talking to an unidentified figure. Dying for a new source of inspiration, Hee-soo turns the stories that Yun-hee hears from this figure into her new book, which turns into a bestseller. But her regained fame doesn’t last long as she is again accused of plagiarizing a novel that was published 10 years ago. In order to prove her innocence, Hee-soo begins a mysterious journey to expose the truth. Does this film worthy of a bestseller? Or does it fall flat? Check out the review.

Rumor: Next PlayStation Coming In 2013

Rumor: Next PlayStation Coming In 2013

There have been plenty of leaks, whispers and rumors about the next Xbox for a few months now, but there hasn't been a lot of talk about Sony's plans for the next generation.
Kotaku, though, claims to have uncovered some inside information about the system that, on the surface, makes it sound like the next generation console race is going to be a tight one -- and begin next year.
Citing a single anonymous source, Kotaku says it believes the code name for the next PlayStation is "Orbis." And while the next console from Sony is widely expected to be called PlayStation 4 when it hits shelves, the site infers that Orbis might be the system's final name.
Whatever it's called, Kotaku says we can expect to see it released in the holiday period of 2013 -- the same timeframe most expect the next Xbox to arrive. If so, that would eliminate the one year head start Microsoft enjoyed with the Xbox 360, a year that gave it a lead over Sony that thus far has proven insurmountable.
Much like the rumored next Xbox system (codenamed Durango), the new Sony system will lock games to a PSN account, which could impact the used game market.
"If you then decide to trade that disc in, the pre-owned customer picking it up will be limited in what they can do," the site said. "While our sources were unclear on how exactly the pre-owned customer side of things would work, it's believed used games will be limited to a trial mode or some other form of content restriction, with consumers having to pay a fee to unlock/register the full game."
If true, that's likely to upset a notable segment of the gaming population, not to mention have a serious impact on retailers like GameStop who make a tidy profit on the used game market. And Sony could ruffle even more feathers if the system ditches backward compatibility with the PlayStation 3, as Kotaku says it will.
In terms of hard specs, Kotaku says the system will use either AMD's x64 CPU or perhaps AMD's Southern Islands GPU, the company's high-end chip. Graphics-wise, Orbis is said to be capable of resolutions up to 4096x2160, commonly called '4K' in TV manufacturer parlance (and one of the technological boosts shown off at this year's CES). It's also said to be able to play 3D games in full 1080p, a leap over the PS3's max 3D resolution of 720.
It's critical to note that these are unconfirmed reports based on a single source, so it's wise to be skeptical. Developers Yahoo! Games has spoken with are unable to confirm anything in Kotaku's report, and note they haven't been contacted yet by Sony to discuss the new system (though they say they have spoken with Microsoft).
Don't expect Sony to officially start talking about the PS4 or Orbis anytime soon, either. In January Sony's Kaz Hirai stated clearly that the company would not announce any new home systems at E3.

Dark Horse To Release Mignola & Golden's JOE GOLEM Deluxe Edition!




MARCH 29, SALT LAKE CITY, UT–In conjunction with the release of Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden’s latest collaboration earlier this week, and Mignola’s appearance at this weekend’s World Horror Convention, Dark Horse is pleased to announce a limited-edition hardcover release of Joe Golem and the Drowning City.

After a séance gone horribly wrong, strange men wearing gas masks and rubber suits abduct the aging psychic Orlov the Conjuror, sending his young assistant Molly McHugh racing through the canals of a submerged Manhattan. As Molly flees her captors through a sunken city full of scavengers, her one hope comes in the form of two strange men: Simon Church, a Victorian-era detective kept alive by clockwork gears and magic, and his assistant, Joe, whose mysterious past is hinted at in dreams of stone and witches.

“Joe and his world are made up of all those things I love: crumbling ruins, strange Victorian devices, and unknowable supernatural forces,” said cocreator Mike Mignola. “These are the very same elements that went into the creation of Hellboy, but here hammered into different shape and relocated to New York City. Hellboy is Joe’s country cousin.”

The deluxe limited-edition collection features multiple illustrations by Hellboy artist Mike Mignola, as well as a signature plate signed by both Mignola and Golden, and is presented in a handsome slipcase. Additionally, only the Dark Horse edition will feature the previously unpublished story “Joe Golem and the Copper Girl.

The deluxe hardcover edition of Joe Golem and the Drowning City will be released in an extremely limited edition of only 1,000 copies on September 26, and will retail for $99.99.

Kingdom Hearts 3DS New Screenshots!

In celebration of the ten year anniversary since the first release of KINGDOM HEARTS in Japan, SQUARE ENIX is pleased to announce that new screenshots for KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KINGDOM HEARTS! Check out the pics below.

Mar 28, 2012

Events At AM2 Con


Twilight Tea, Iron Cosplay, Masquerade Ball, Masquerade, Console Game Room
and More at This Summer’s Hottest Ticket!  Get your Passports Today and
Experience the Difference!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (March 27, 2012) ­ Fans can expect more fun this summer
at AM2, this summer’s most anticipated anime, manga and music convention,
coming June 15-17, 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center and Hilton with an
array of activities for cosplayers and gamers in addition to the already
announced premiere screenings and activities.  More info and event rules can
be found at <>

Date / Time: Twilight teatime will be on Friday June 15th at 9pm
Place: TBA
Attention Lolita enthusiasts! Put on your very own tea party as Elegant
Gothic Lolita / Elegant Gothic Aristocrat versions of your favorite anime,
manga, or video game characters in this competitive or exhibitive event!


Time/Date: To Be Announced

Location: Matsuri Festival

Work in teams under the watchful eyes of the judges, audience and chairman
of Cosplay using non-conventional items to create wonderful cosplay outfits
and accessories. See which team’s skills reign supreme and earn the title of
Iron Cosplay Champion!

Time/Date:  Friday, June 15th
Location: AM² Dance
Theme: Horror
Convert you favorite Scary character into Horror elegance and see if your
work can make you the King and Queen of the Ball. This is a noncompetitive
and competitive event. To compete in the event, create an original ballroom
costume based on this year’s theme. Please only sign up if you are

Time/Date: Saturday, June 16th.
Place: TBA
The Masquerade is the event where costumers and cosplayers from around the
world bring out their best costumes and performances to try to be the Best
in Show.

Sponsored by Snake Byte
No anime convention would be complete without competitive and interactive
video games.  AM² is no exception to this. Are you tough enough to challenge
adversaries to these games?  To those elite few, we will be offering various
gaming tournaments throughout the weekend.  Amazing prizes can be won.

Tournament Schedule
* Street Fighter Third Strike                   Friday
* Cyberbots                                            Friday
* Street Fighter X Tekken                      Saturday
* Gundam Extreme Versus        Saturday
* Smash Brothers Brawl                        Sunday
* Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3            Sunday

All Tournaments require a valid passport to participat, and a $3.00 fee to
enter. 3 day passport holders get an additional $1.00 discount of tournament

“Cosplay and games are a staple for AM2,” states Miko Khun AM2 Interactive
Division Head, “cosplayers can make arrangements for gatherings and
celebrate all that is wonderful and fun by seeing old friends and making new
ones!  And gaming fans will rejoice with all the amazing tournaments and
prizing provided by our official console game sponsor Snakebyte USA.  AM2
will be the place to be with all the amazing guests of honors, concerts,
exhibit hall and other amazing activities for fans and enthusiasts!  Get
your Passports today and experience the difference!”

Please note that ALL Guest of Honor activities (i.e. panels, autographs,
appearances, etc.) are ALL Passport preferred activities.  There will also
be a private Meet & Greet event for Anaheim Hilton Room Block Attendees
(room key proof is required).

Attendees can avoid the anticipated huge lines at autographs, premiere
screenings, workshops, main events, concerts and panels by purchasing a
Passport fast pass for the event.  The Passport fast pass will also provide
holders with premier seating options at Main Events and at Concert events as
well as major discounts with theme parks (including Disneyland and the grand
opening of Cars Land, Knotts Berry Farm, etc.), retailers and local
restaurants.  Bypass the lines and get your Passport today and experience
the difference!

AM2 current activities include Exhibit Hall, AMV’s, Arcade, Summer Festival,
Behind the Voice Actors Studio, Masquerade, Dances, Fashion Shows, Table
Top, Console Gaming, Workshops, Panels, Concerts and more!

AM2 Official Guests of Honor includes Andrea Libman, Quinton Flynn and
Toshihiro Kawamoto.

AM2 Premieres, screenings and exclusive screenings include ACE ATTORNEY,

Follow us on Facebook at:

Follow us on Twitter at:

Mar 27, 2012

Mystique Make-Up Tutorial By Tamang Phan

We found this really cool Mystique Make-Up tutorial on Youtube. For those who ever wanted to cosplay as the character check this tutorial from Tamang Phan. You can follow Tamang On Twitter!/TamangPhan and subscribe to her Youtube Channel for more tutorials Great tutorial! 

Mar 26, 2012

L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour 2012 Rocked!

Last night on March 25th 2012 at Madison Square Garden fans all over the globe and across the country gather for one event. That event was "L'Arc En Ciel World Tour." I brought my tickets the minute they went on sale and I'm happy that I did. The band was purely amazing, and the crowd was filled with Otakus, Geeks, and  J-Rock purist. This was my first Japanese concert and hopefully not the last. Not going to give anything away, but let's just say my favorite songs was played from "XXX", "Chase", "Anata" and many more. Hyde is purely amazing live, from his dancing and his singing. For those wondering of course Tetsuya pulled out his banana gag. The lighting, effects and music were all on point and it was a night worthy of Madison Square Garden attention. Here is the set list of the songs that was performed. When the crowd sang "Anata"it was purely amazing and moving. Here is a short video clip of my reaction. Believe me when I say I can't wait till they come back.
Setlist :
 M 01 Ibara no namida
 M 02 CHASE ­English version-


 M 07 Jojoushi
 M 08 X X X -English version-
 M 09 fate
 M 10 forbidden lover

 M 12 Caress of Venus
 M 13 Driver's High

 M 16 Anata
 M 17 winter fall
 M 18 Blurry Eyes

 M 19 Niji

Here is some professional pics of the concert.

Pedobear Keycharms

Every time we get something Pedobear related in our inbox. I can't help but make a post about it. This time Pedobear has some really cute key charms that be use for your phone, backpack or anywhere you want to place it. You can check it out at this  link and the picture below. Thanks Katie for sending us the link and pic.

ARE WE ALONE? Concludes with the World Premiere of 'NASA'S UNEXPLAINED FILES' Tomorrow on SCIENCE



--The World Premiere of NASA’S UNEXPLAINED FILES Premieres on

Tuesday, March 27 at 10 PM ET/PT--

NASA’S UNEXPLAINED FILES gives viewers first-hand accounts of mysterious sightings witnessed by NASA astronauts and gives viewers access to the original footage that captured the attention of scientists. The question remains: is the captured footage that of extraterrestrial life or is it simply a flop in the camera? NASA’S UNEXPLAINED FILES is a part of SCIENCE’s Are We Alone? initiative happening the entire month of March.

Episode Descriptions:

NASA’S UNEXPLAINED FILES premieres Tuesday, March 27 at 10 PM (ET/PT)

Countless mysterious objects have been caught by NASA’s cameras. In this special, we’ll reveal NASA’s top ten unexplained encounters using original footage and groundbreaking interviews with astronauts and scientists. Can these phenomena be explained away through science and detective work? Or have NASA’s cameras potentially captured the first traces of extraterrestrial life?

Deadliest Warrior \"Battle of the Week\" Round 2

Round 2: Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat’s “Battle of the Week” Pits a New World Conqueror Against an East Asian Warlord

Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat Battle of the Week Part 2: Hernán Cortés vs. Genghis Khan

Ready for your weekly dose of blood, gore and brutality? It’s week two of 345 Games’ ongoing “Battle of the Week” for Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat, pitting two of history’s greatest warriors against each other. Every week leading up to the game’s launch on April 17th, 345 Games will highlight an in-game battle too brutal to ignore.

This week’s “Battle of the Week” features the conniving New World conqueror Hernán Cortés and Genghis Khan, leader of the largest empire ever seen on Earth.

Check out screenshots of this epic battle here:

Will this battle between Cortés and Genghis prove that the conqueror of a then-unknown Central America can defeat the man who ruled defiantly from Asia to Europe?

Hernán Cortés – Born in the 15th century in 1485, Hernán Cortés exemplified the success – and genocide – of the famed Spanish conquistadors. Discovery of the Western Hemisphere resulted in Cortés’ journey to Hispanola and Cuba before he finally established himself in the middle of modern Mexico, ultimately over throwing the Aztec Empire and earning the title of Marqués del Valle de Oaxaca. A figure of Spanish colonialism, his success by modern standards is less than ideal, but it’s impossible to deny – Cortés made a major impact on Central America in the following centuries. Equipped with his sword, can Cortés also make an impact on the battlefield mano-a-mano?

Genghis Khan –Genghis Khan, the renowned Mongol warlord, is a man to not be forgotten. It was the early 13th century when he began his rule, and while Europe wallowed in medieval conflicts, this man from little-known Mongolia stepped up to ultimately reign from modern day Korea and China all the way into deep Eastern Europe. Forget the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians, the Holy Roman Empire, the Germans, the Brits, or the Americans -- it was the Mongols, led by fierce Genghis Khan, that created an awe-inspiring empire. If faced against a fellow conqueror, would Khan reign supreme, or fall to his more modern upstart?

Mar 22, 2012

Why Cartoons Of The 90's Rule!!!

I have been on quite of a nostalgic trip for the past week. I've been watching a lot of the cartoons I use to enjoy as a kid, either on DVD or Netflix. You watch cartoons as a child, you really don't pick up certain things as you do as an adult. After watching tons of 90's cartoons from Hey Arnold, Ninja Turtles, Rugrats and many more. I wanted to give my list of reasons why the 90's era of cartoons is not only the best, but one of the most legendary periods of animation.

1. Moral Lessons - Whether it was direct, subliminally, or through humor 90's cartoons always had some message or lesson to teach their audience. Sad to say you really don't get that in today's cartoons as much. Cartoons like "Hey Arnold" is a perfect example of morality being the key element in the show. Arnold always had some lesson to learn, to show or to teach. One of my favorite episodes in "Hey Arnold" is "The Pigeon Man" episode. In this episode Arnold meets a man named Vincent who only companions are pigeons. If you look deeper into the episode, you'll see a man who lost faith in humanity, only to have it restored by Arnold. Here is the best scene from this tear jerker episode, and gives a great lesson that there is still good out there.

The Pigeon Man Speech

"Hey Arnold" is the not the only show that pulled out messages, or had tear jerkers episodes. A really good Spiderman TAS episode was "Make A Wish" when Spiderman meets his biggest fan. The episodes plays out like any normal Spiderman TAS episode. Peter has his issues, he is thinking of quitting Spiderman, he's lost and doesn't know what to do. Until Madame Web and a little girl name Tania remind him why he is important, why he is needed. The ending has a nice tear jerker when you find out about Tania. Check the clip below.

Spidey Biggest Fan

Finally another example of moral lessons is from a cartoon that you least expect to tackle the issue of death. The "Rugrats" Mother's Day Special did just that. Chuckie finally finds out the truth about his mother and the way it was written and handle, is still one of the most tear jerker moments I've seen in a cartoon. Check out the clip below.

Chuckie This Is Your Mommy

I can sit here and name tons and tons of shows, that taught lessons, had dark tones but still came off as something watchable for kids. The 90's cartoons wasn't afraid to touch on topics like death, drugs, being bullied and more. These cartoons were bold, brave and had enough to balance story without coming off as preachy.

2. Originality And Moments That Live Forever-  Cartoon of the 90's was so diverse, so original you would watch the shows for hours. From Animanics, Dexter's Laboratory , Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, Batman TAS, X-Men TAS and many more. These cartoons were fresh, unique and stood out from each other. Doug was nothing like Rocko's Modern Life, Batman TAS was nothing like X-Men's TAS. Each cartoon was original in animation, story, theme, design and it was a pure enjoyable. 90's cartoons have moments that I will never forget. Doug first date with Patti when they nearly kiss, but didn't. Darkseid killing Dan Turpin and Superman going ballistic. There are tons of moments that will forever stay in your hearts. Cartoons of the 90's are classics and still stand the test of time and are relevant and needed more than ever these days.

3. The Theme Songs - Who can forget the catchy theme songs of the 90's cartoons. The 90's cartoons theme songs were some of the best. How can you not love a theme that goes "We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a bit a little looney." If you grew up watching these toons there is at least one theme that is always in your brain. I' am guilty of humming or randomly singing the Animanics theme or Rocko's Modern Life from time to time. The theme songs were catchy and got you excited for the show, not many theme songs do that today. Not only was the theme songs great, but the background music was as well. Some of the best background music came from Batman TAS. Composer Shirley Walker put her all into the series leaving us with some of the best OST from an animation. She treated the cartoon like it was a motion picture and that made Batman TAS really stand out above the rest.

I could go on and on about why the 90's era of cartoons ruled. However why don't you just watch some for yourself  and see the magic, the glory and the lessons. You'll see why so many kids of the 80's and 90's outcry about today's cartoon. The cartoons are not the same they seem to lack the magic, the moral lesson, the originality that made the 90's cartoons so special. I love the 90's cartoons and will always. 

Mar 21, 2012


VIZ Media’s Haikasoru imprint has announced the release today of author Natsuki Ikezawa’s surrealistic novel, THE NAVIDAD INCIDENT: THE DOWNFALL OF MATIAS GUILI. The book is published by the company’s Haikasoru imprint and carries an MSRP of $24.99 U.S. / $28.99 CAN / £16.99 UK. An eBook edition is also available on the Amazon Kindle, Apple’s iBooks Store, the Barnes & Noble’s Nook Books Store, and the Sony Reader™ Store.

Haikasoru publishes some of the most compelling contemporary Japanese science fiction and fantasy stories for English-speaking audiences, and is the first imprint based in the U.S. dedicated to Japanese science fiction and fantasy in translation.

In this sweeping magical-realist epic set in the fictional south sea island Republic of Navidad, Ikezawa gives his imagination free rein to reinvent the myths of the twentieth century Japan. The story takes off as a delegation of Japanese war veterans pays an official visit to the ex-World War II colony, only to see the Japanese flag burst into flames. The following day, the tour bus and its passengers simply vanish. The locals exchange absurd rumors – the bus was last seen attending Catholic mass, the bus must have skipped across the lagoon – but the president suspects a covert guerrilla organization is trying to undermine his connections with Japan. Can the real answers to the mystery be found, or will the president have to be content with the surreal answers?

“Natsuki Ikezawa crafts an engrossing story that combines charmingly surreal set pieces, traditional fantasy tropes such as ghosts, with a story of international politics,” says Nick Mamatas, Haikasoru Editor. “We invite readers to take the journey to the mysterious nation of Navidad and uncover the truth behind these unexplained occurrences in this newest release from Haikasoru!”

Author Natsuki Ikezawa was born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1945 and was formerly enrolled at Saitama University before leaving to become a poet and author. Presently, he writes fiction and literary criticism and is also an active public speaker. Several of his works including STILL LIVES and A BURDEN OF FLOWERS have been published in English. In 1993, THE NAVIDAD INCIDENT: THE DOWNFALL OF MATIAS GUILI was the winner of the prestigious Tanizaki Jun’ichiro Prize.

To read an excerpt of THE NAVIDAD INCIDENT, please visit

To enter to win a copy of THE NAVIDAD INCIDENT, please visit

For more information on THE NAVIDAD INCIDENT and the Haikasoru imprint, please visit the dedicated website at

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