Sep 24, 2012

"From Prison To Promise" By Booker T Huffman (Review)

Title: From Prison To Promise: Life Before The Squared Circle

Author: Booker T Huffman & Andrew William Wright
Pages: 211

"From Prison To Promise: Life Before The Squared Circle" is the story of WWE Superstar and five time, five time, five time WCW Champion Booker T. In this autobiography, Booker T tells the story of his life in Houston, Texas before he became a wrestling superstar. Booker reflects on his life growing up in poverty, the death of his parents, depression and a life on the streets. Fans of Booker T will find this as a great chance, to see the beginnings of how Booker became the man he is today. People not familiar with the wrestling world, will find this book as a great tale of one man's journey into darkness and managing to find the light towards the end. 

From the very first chapter, the book captures you and brings you into Booker T's life. The first sentence starts off with "Freeze! Hold it right there." After reading that I knew that I wasn't going to be putting this book down till the end. The book does a great job of keeping the reader invested, interested and most importantly relating to the subject. Even if you didn't have a similar upbringing as Booker you feel a connection to his struggles. The book is very emotional and does a great job of painting a picture of his reality. The theme of redemption and closure are echoed throughout the book. Many times in the book Booker talks about leaving the street life, finding a way out, and fixing the wrongs he did. It doesn't get preachy, nor does Booker T point fingers or play victim for his situations. Instead Booker looks within himself and comes to terms with the cards that he was dealt. This made me relate and feel even more compassion for the superstar. There was times when I was reading that I felt that I was in a room with Booker, as he relives some of his most painful memories (the descriptions are that good).

If I have any complaints with the book is that it leaves us with a cliffhanger ending. The book alludes to another entry that will tell the story of his life in the wrestling ring. The book can also feel a little short for hardcore readers with only 211 pages. Other than those very minor complaints this a must read for wrestling fans, and if you're not a wrestling fan this is still a book you should check out. Booker's T journey is not only a testament to someone's will for a better life, but an inspiring story that shows you can overcome anything  with the will to be better than you were. This book is surely a winner and I'm looking forward to the next one. Now can you dig that SUCKA!!!



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